Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Captivated by Keegan Kennedy

5 Star Rating
Keegan Kennedy is one of my favorite authors. He writes about subjects many others refused to touch. This book was one of his best because it was longer than his other ones and the characters took awhile to get to the place we want them to be. The sex… In the beginning, we meet his step-father who is very strict with Ian. This story is the unfolding of their relationship as master and sub but those are not what they call each other. 

I love this line from his book.
“Even though I felt trapped at times, his slow but deliberate corporate takeover of my person had made me feel cherished and treasured, and being so close to him was still such an amazing rush to me” This was Ian telling the readers about Braun, his step-father.

His similes were awesome, too. Here is one I loved.
“His sticky load was hot as boiling soup and as thick as porridge.” 

The way he contrasted his two characters seemed almost fairy-tale like. I loved how Ian was so small, 4 inch dick and Braun with a 10 inch dick. There were other extreme differences referenced in the story that made it so interesting.

There was enough kink in this story, dirty sox sniffing and more.

Ian was forced to wear a chastity device so he could not come. It seemed like he had it on most of the book. When I felt like I was wearing it, too even though I am a woman and don’t have anything to place it on me. That seemed to be extreme but I felt like it needed to be off more. 

But this sexy story had an HEA. I enjoyed the story so much. I love when Keegan writes longer stories. The beginning had me up all night swiping from page to page. 

He did an excellent job in his building of Braun as a German character. He added so much to make the character so real. I am looking forward to reading everything this author has. Most of the stories are on my Kindle. I love this author.

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