Friday, January 10, 2014

Good Morning,
Today I want to share a link where you can practice your writing skills.

Here is my prompt from my WIP Rent Me:

Twenty year old male escort Brennen created a private porn Twitter account and his Russian lover’s brother Mischa who is Brennen’s personal guard and chauffeur discovered the account and brought it to his attention and he was not too pleased. The questions are posed to Brennen
These characters are from my WIP Rent Me by Brina Brady.
How did that situation make you feel?
I was angry with myself because I should have known better to think that I could get away with having a private Twitter account. What makes it worse is that I used my escort name Kaiden. I should have know Mischa would find out about it. I wouldn't put it past him if he stuck something in my computer to trace every finger stroke I made. But for him to find my Twitter account with all those pictures I posted of myself naked and those videos. What was I thinking?
But what was worse is he gave me a choice, not a choice really. He told me I had choice to be punished by Dmitri, the man I love or him. Mischa was a Russian hit man for Dmitri’s drug organization. Neither of them would be easy on me.
What did you do to remedy the situation?
The only way out of this stupid mess I created for myself was to choose Mischa to punish me because Dmitri would be angry but I could not stand to see the hurt in his eyes. I don’t want to hurt him. He did so much for me. I am so stupid.
How do you think your decision will affect others?
I think my decision choosing Mischa prevented Dmitri from finding out about it and so he was spared the hurt.
However, I did not get off too good. He pulled a gun to my head, disciplined me then stuffed me inside the trunk tied up for thirty minutes while he drove us back home from the cabin. Mischa stopped the SUV and removed me from the trunk and thought Mischa was going to shoot me but he asked me if I learned my lesson and I said yes. I was able to sit in the car and he told me that the gun did not have bullets.
Where do you go from here?
I won’t be posting anymore naked pictures and I will think about others and how my actions affect them. Of course when I got home, my darling Dmitri was waiting for me.  I asked him to stay the night and please hug me in bed so I feel loved by him.  I felt like my world left me on a planet all alone and he stayed the night to hug me back to feeling his love.

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