Monday, December 9, 2013

                              Blurb of Rent Me
Brennen fell in love with the Russian stranger who saved him from an abusive environment. Dmitri, a Russian Mafia member, adopted Brennen, sent him to the best schools and spoiled him with all the finer things in life.

When Brennen turned 18, he became Dmitri’s lover. Dmitri controlled ever inch of his life in and out of bed. The story captures their struggles to define their relationship. Brennen loves Dmitri as a father and lover and Dmitri loves Brennen as a son and lover. 

Their relationship with many overlapping roles to each another creates chaos in their lives. Brennen denied sex to Dmitri to attain an escort position in Dmitri’s Escort Service. Dmitri gave in because he needed Brennen as his lover. To maintain control, he diverted Brennen’s entire paycheck to a trust fund in Brennen’s name.

Two years after Brennen became an escort, Dmitri married Nika. He moved Brennen to his own apartment while he attended USC. Devastated Brennen did not know how to deal with being number two to his lover while they continued their sexual relationship as if nothing changed.

Will Dmitri and Brennen’s love be strong enough to endure all the trials and tribulations?

Will they have a happy ever after ending?

Want to find out, read the book.

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