Monday, November 25, 2013

Good Evening,

I have 90, 890 words. I think I have two more major scenes to write then I will be done with my first draft.  I will do some revising and tightening of some scenes.

This man is my muse for the lawyer client in my book.  Hope you like him.  His character name is Marcus Miller and he is a master at many different sexual positions, never repeating a position. The lawyer is Brennen's favorite client and he learns plenty from him. What he really admires about this client is his mind and that he is a criminal lawyer. Brennen is studying to be a lawyer a  University of Southern California. He begins law school next year. He wants to get inside of Mark's head and Mark want to get inside of Brennen's ....... He tries to book Brennen for an overnight and Dmitri, Brennen's employer at the Escort Agency and lover bans Brennen from any overnights with clients especially with the lawyer. He is a bit jealous of this client. This will cause some problems later on for Brennen.

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